Terms and Conditions

Modern Metal Processing, Inc. (MMP) General Standard Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are to be applied when applicable with Purchase Order.


  1. By accepting a PO, the supplier commits to meet the requirements to the applicable specifications, drawings,
    process requirements, work instructions, etc. contained therein, including:
    • The use of approved products, services, sub-suppliers, methods, processes, and equipment.
    • Criteria for testing, inspection, and verification to occur prior to product release.
    • Any special requirements, critical items, or key characteristics.
    • The need to provide test specimens, data, certificate of conformance, or other
    evidence that requirements have been met.
    • Delivery of product on or before the stated required date.
    • Purchase order number and part number must be stated on certificate.
  2. Suppliers are responsible for ensuring that their personnel are competent and aware of how they contribute to
    compliance with these terms, including, but not limited to:
    • Their contribution to product or service conformity;
    • Their contribution to product safety;
    • The importance of ethical behavior;
    • The requirement for personnel qualification.
  3. Supplier performance is monitored in accordance with MMP procedure 8.4.1- and is based on supplier
    delivery, cost, quality, order accuracy and support. Purchased items and services may also be subject to inspection on
    or off site.
  4. When MMP intends to perform verification/validation activities at the supplier’s premises, it will be communicated
    to the supplier in advance.
  5. Goods will be subject to statistical inspection, verification and count by MMP Inc. after receipt of goods.
  6. The supplier shall maintain a quality program that will assure that the material and workmanship meet the PO
    • Use customer designated suppliers or approved external providers
    • Supplier must notify MMP Quality Department of any non-conforming product.
    • Supplier is responsible to ensure steps are taken to address the use of counterfeit parts.
    • Supplier must notify MMP of any changes in product and/or process and obtain written
    approval from MMP.
    • Flow down to the supply chain all applicable requirements.
    • Supplier is required to retain records for a minimum of 3 years unless otherwise specified.
  7. The right of access by the organization, their customer and regulatory authorities to the applicable areas of all
    facilities, at any level of the supply chain, involved in the order and to all records.
  8. Suppliers are required to act in an ethical manner and to comply with any identified product safety requirements.
    Supplier’s materials and services are an integral part of the overall quality of goods and services supplied to MMP end
  9. All shipments require a Packing List with Purchase Order number, description and quantity shipped along with TAG
    number if stated.
  10. Maximum skid weight is 3000 lbs. with side fork unload.
  11. Parts must be packaged to prevent damage in handling and shipping.
  12. Quantity: No over or under shipments will be allowed unless approved by MMP.
  13. MMP is not a manufacturer of parts, Purchase orders are for products that are used with
    It’s processes, MMP processes parts per customer requirements.