Hell-o everyone,

I sincerely hope that you’re doing well and are staying occupied, sane and healthy during this disorienting time we’re living in. Shell and I are doing well, ditto for our remarkable staff that comes in here each day to get orders processed.

Here at MMP, we are open, thank God. I’m grateful for the work were doing, which is largely for the military. If it weren’t for these military jobs, we’d be reeling for sure. As we start to re-open things are starting to pick up a little bit for us.

This Memorial Day weekend did not feel like a holiday. Our days all feel like Ground Hog day as every day feels the same, repeat, repeat. Shell and I will be working around our house cleaning up the yard, straightening out the storage shed which will give us something different to do versus work and home all of the time.

It’s interesting when I do go out to either the hardware or other stores to pick things up. I notice how long everyone’s hair is getting. I think that my hair looks like a Shaggy Dog, and it is driving me nuts. My wife thinks that it makes me look younger and she likes it longer. I see some of the ladies that their hair is changing color as they have not been able to go to their hair salon.

My mental state has improved, too and I attribute that to my decision to limit daily news exposure only and “if”, to the evening news. The constant drumbeat of COVID coverage will quickly put you in a dark mood. Simple acts of kindness or spending time on a hobby or cooking will help lighten your mood, even going out for walks can help. I’ve been enjoying working in my barn and getting things done there, and then cooking. I need to be quarantine from the refrigerator and the pantry as I have been eating too much and gaining too much weight. It’s that home cooking thing.

Since we all need to wear masks here in our state and at times here at the shop. I gave a friend some masks as he is dealing with Diabetes and wanted to be protected when he went out. Another friend has upper respiratory issues. So I gave him some as well so that at least he could go t the store to get groceries. I was glad that I could help them out. My wife Shell, is making some masks for us as well. Mostly for our family as we don’t really like the other whit masks.

I just wanted to reach out to everyone to say keep your heads up even though our governor just extended our lockdown till the end of the month. I must admit that we should to beat this nasty virus as I really don’t want it for anyone at all.

For the time off I hope that you are enjoying the family and kids if you have them at home. I think that I understand about home schooling and then cooking for everyone. Shell is enjoying the grandkids for sure and the dogs are getting spoiled having her and the kids at home being able to play outside most of the day. Fortunately for us there has been a lot of laughter for us with the grandkids around as they are learning and eating machines.

So let’s all take a deep breath. Feel the sunshine, warm on our faces. Laugh a lot. Hold in this moment. Keep pushing, and keep communicating. We’re almost there, folks. We’ve almost made it through. Just a little further to go!!

Please stay safe and take care. If there’s anything I can ever help you with, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. I would be honored to help.