Boxer Mike Tyson once said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” COVID-19 has given us all a collective sucker punch, hasn’t it? We are open for business as we are handling a lot defensive work for several branches of our arm forces. Working in the shop, we have kept our distances and given each other some space as we work to complete the necessary projects.

By the way, we are all fine and healthy here and we hope the same with you and your family. But the world has drastically changed and at risk of sounding like a cynic… I think this pandemic has made some of us retreat from life itself.

Remember back when you could freely go out to a movie or restaurant? As I write this, they’re all closed in my part of the world, along with the schools and gyms.

We all know that this virus isn’t going to end overnight, but we’ll get through this. But you can’t let it shut your life down. Take stock of what you do have, including your health, family, friends, and opportunities in front of you. That’s right amidst this chaos, there are still opportunities in your business and personal life.

Social distancing is a thing now. But you can still reach out to elder loved ones by phone to check on them and be a source of hope and encouragement. My point is that this is still America… a land of kind-hearted souls who willing step in during a crisis to help their fellow citizens.

One day, sooner than later, we’ll awaken to a post COVID-19 world. There will be stories of loss, sadness, joy, and celebration in the aftermath. Hang in there. As Frank Sinatra sang: The best is yet to come!

Ed Wesolek